FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms
THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates

How is the optimal amount of air controlled?

In the corporate sign on the right cap of the plant is the plug adapter for the hand switch or for the proximity switch and the rotary knob to control the air volume and air velocity.

The knob is secured on some models, so you


can adjust it using only a screwdriver. By turning the knob you can adjust the air speed continuously.

The amount of air flows at a speed of about
15 m / sec from the nozzle.

The speed slows down the more the air flow approaches the ground.


If the air speed is too low, the air flow does not reach the ground.

If the air speed is too high, it collides heavily on the ground, which leads to disturbing turbu-

The air flow must be regulated so that it extends to the ground.

Air flow from an air curtain system


The supplied windmill is placed directly under the air flow.

When air curtain is switched off, the wind turbine rotates.

In cold storage doors it is powered by the escape of cold air and at operating doors by cold airflowing into.

If you turn on the system and increase the air speed, you will see that the wind turbine will slow down and eventually stop.

If the wind turbine stands, it is guaranteed that it is also in the weakest area of the air flow - namely, on the ground - there will be no more air exchange.