FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms
THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates

Air curtain:
Execution and Technique

High quality components

Slide-in electronic
This is the slide-in electronic control unit.
With filters to prevent disturbances in your power grid.
With a contactless power relay wear-free circuits.
With controller for air volume and air speed.
With waterproof proximity switch (24V/DC) for the automatic switching on and off the air curtain.
With a non-contact relays for load-wear circuits.
With controller for air volume and air speed.

The nozzle housing
It is made of composite material. Painted aluminum on both sides with a core of solid plastic.
Surface: Aluminum
Color: White

Radial blowers
with ball bearing fans from EBM- Germany.
They produce the air flow.
The amount of air and the air velocity is adjustable.

From stainless steel:
They are used for assembly of the units above the door.

Air rectifier
The air rectifier in the outlet nozzle smoothes the airflow and makes it tighter and more sufficient.
In the pressure chamber of the outlet nozzle the air becomes compressed, so that it is uniformly distributed over the entire discharge nozzle.
Behind the pressure chamber the air stream passes hundreds of small blowpipes.
They rectify the air stream and eliminate all air turbulences.
The result is a homogeneous, turbulence-free air curtain with increased penetration and a stable flow.
In this way a particularly effective functioning is guarantee.


Technical drawing FRIGOVENT air curtain

Air curtain


Air curtain

Windmill for air curtain

Function check by windmill
You can adjust the setting of the FRIGOVENT air curtain with the help of the provided windmill. For adjustment of the air curtain the windmill must set on the threshold. The outflowing cold air let the impeller rotate.
The air velocity and the discharge angle of the nozzle must be adjusted, so that the impeller rotates no longer or only slowly.
The standing impeller of the windmill prooves that the air curtain system is set correctly. Now you can absolutely be sure, that there is no disadvantageous air interchange anymore.

Wrong setting

Wrong setting
The air speed is too low.
The airflow does not reach the ground.
Cold air flows out.
Air speed must be increased!


Wrong setting

Wrong setting
The air velocity is too high.
Ineffective and disruptive air turbulences are incuring.
Reduce air speed!


Correct setting

Correct setting
The impeller of the mill does not move.
The air velocity and the discharge angle are optimal. Cold air can not escape.
Warm air cannot enter the cold room.